stomach cancer , one of the most common types of cancer , cells grow uncontrollably. If cancerous cells are not diagnosed at an early stage, the disease can reach all organs. Genetic factors, dietary habits, alcohol and smoking are the most known causes of stomach cancer. In addition, untreated helicobacter pylori bacteria can also cause stomach cancer. For early diagnosis, symptoms such as stomach pain, bloating, loss of appetite and weight loss should not be underestimated; A doctor should be consulted without delay.

Endoscopic Gastric Cancer Treatment

Gastric cancer treatment is done with different methods according to the developmental stage of the disease. Endoscopic treatment methods can be applied in the early stages. In advanced stages, part or all of the stomach is usually removed by surgical intervention. In patients whose stomach is completely removed, a new stomach is made from the intestine.

One of the commonly used methods in the treatment of gastric cancer is endoscopic mucosal dissection. No surgical procedure is performed in this method. At the same time, it is more advantageous because it is a procedure for removing only the diseased tissue. In the endoscopic mucosal dissection method, the probability of recurrence of the disease is very low. The duration of the procedure varies between 15 and 90 minutes. If the piece taken is not very large, the patient does not need to be hospitalized. In large lesions, the patient is kept under observation for 1-2 days.

Surgical Gastric Cancer Treatment During

gastric cancer surgery , not only cancerous tissues but also surrounding lymph nodes and fat tissues are removed. It is important to ensure a complete cleaning in order to prevent the disease from recurring. This method, called gastrectomy , is divided into two in itself. Total gastrectomy if the stomach is completely removed ; subtotal if three quarters is taken It is called gastrectomy . Since the surgery is performed by laparoscopy , very small incisions are made. Since the stomach and its surroundings are viewed in detail with the laparoscope, the physician performs the necessary intervention without any problems.

After stomach surgery, eating habits should be changed and healthy foods should be preferred. At the same time, the number of meals should be increased as the stomach shrinks. For the diagnosis and treatment of stomach cancer, Surgeon General Op. Dr. You can contact Özhan Çetindağ.