What is a colonoscopy and why is it done?

Colonoscopy is a test that allows the inner surface of your large intestine to be seen through a camera. The colonoscope is a flexible and bendable instrument with a camera on the tip. With colonoscopy , polyps and cancers can be diagnosed and bleeding can be stopped. Colonoscopy should be applied to everyone over the age of 40-50 as a colon cancer screening test.

How Is Colonoscopy Done, What Does Colonoscopy Do?

Colonoscopy is an outpatient treatment. The colonoscope allows to examine the walls of the large intestine with the help of a camera and has apparatus that allows biopsy from the large intestine wall, mass and, if necessary, removal of polyps . Colonoscopy is used to evaluate many intestinal symptoms such as bleeding, abdominal pain, and changes in bowel habits. Colonic polyps and colon cancer are diagnosed by colonoscopy . It allows some polyps to be removed before they turn into cancer.

colonoscopy at regular intervals after the age of 45 . The frequency of having a colonoscopy depends on the extent of your cancer risk.

If you have a high risk of colorectal cancer, you will need to have a colonoscopy at a younger age . These risk factors are:

  • Having familial polyposis syndrome
  • have a genetic disease associated with colon cancer
  • Having inflammatory bowel disease such as Chron ‘s disease and ulcerative colitis
  • history of colon cancer in one of your first-degree relatives
  • more than one relative with colon cancer .

What Should I Tell My Doctor Before Colonoscopy?

Before colonoscopy , you should tell your doctor in detail about your additional diseases and the drugs you use. If you have diabetes, blood pressure and diabetes, you should inform your doctor about your medications because your doctor may cut or change some medications.

How should the bowel preparation be before colonoscopy?

Before the colonoscopy, you will be given a diet and medications to clean your intestines that you will use on the last day. During the colonoscopy , the intestines are completely empty, which will ensure the success of the procedure. If there is insufficient cleaning in the colonoscopy , the colonoscopy will be insufficient and will have to be repeated. The cleaner your intestines are, the easier it will be to detect very small polyps and cancers.

What Should I Eat and Drink in the Days Before Colonoscopy?

colonoscopy procedure, you should avoid eating corn, chickpeas, hazelnuts , popcorn and leaf wrap. You should not consume solid foods and alcohol the day before the procedure. You should eat a clear, liquid diet the day before your colonoscopy . Drinking plenty of water will prevent your body from becoming dehydrated.

You should never consume anything, including water, 6 hours before a colonoscopy.

How Should Intestinal Cleaning Be Taken Before Colonoscopy?

You will be given solutions and enemas for bowel cleansing before colonoscopy . The day before the colonoscopy , your doctor will give you documents with detailed explanations on how to use the solutions and enema. You will be prescribed 2 units of 45 ml phospho soda and 2 enemas. The hours of use of these drugs vary according to the time of colonoscopy . It is recommended that you consume the bowel cleansing drugs given to you with plenty of water. You will need to apply enemas rectal. Some institutions and doctors may prescribe reconstituted powders instead of solutions, which is another method.

If your bowel cleaning is not done completely, your procedure will not be performed and will be repeated at another time. You should consume the solutions given to you with plenty of water and you should not vomit. If you vomit, you should drink the medicine again as much as you vomited.

How is a colonoscopy done?

Colonoscopy will be performed in the endoscopy unit. Before the colonoscopy , your blood pressure and heart rate will be measured by the nurse, and you will be monitored by attaching electrodes to the chest area so that your blood pressure and pulse are constantly monitored during the procedure . An intravenous line will be opened by the nurse. Before starting the colonoscopy procedure, you will be laid on your left side and you will be asked to pull your knees into your abdomen. Afterwards, anesthetic medication will be given through the vascular access opened, and you will be able to sleep lightly . You will not feel pain and will not remember anything as you will receive anesthesia during the colonoscopy . colonoscope Before it is advanced into your intestines, your breech area will be examined with your fingers by your doctor using gloves . colonoscope All the large intestine walls will be evaluated by advancing from the anus region and air will be given to your intestine during this procedure. This air given during colonoscopy may cause temporary abdominal cramps in some patients. During the colonoscopy , the entire large intestine and rectum will be evaluated. If there is a situation that requires a biopsy in colonoscopy , a biopsy will be performed and polyps will be removed if necessary.

The colonoscopy procedure will be under light anesthesia-sedation and the procedure usually takes less than 1 hour. You will recover in a short time after colonoscopy and you will not feel any pain or pain. Mild abdominal pain and swelling may occur after colonoscopy and will subside with flatulence.

Can Colonoscopy Be Done During Menstrual Period?

There is no obstacle to performing a colonoscopy during the menstrual period .

Can Colonoscopy Be Done During Pregnancy?

colonoscopy will be performed for the screening process, it can be expected after pregnancy. It is safe to do a colonoscopy during pregnancy if it is essential, but the obstetrician should still be consulted.

What should patients pay attention to after colonoscopy?

  • colonoscopy procedure, you will be taken to a recovery room to remove the anesthesia completely.
  • You will feel some abdominal cramps and gas after the colonoscopy, but this should subside quickly.
  • Before and after the colonoscopy procedure, you should have a companion with you and you should definitely not drive.
  • not consume alcohol for 24 hours after the colonoscopy procedure .
  • colonoscopy , you will gradually switch to solid food consumption that day, unless your doctor tells you otherwise.
  • polypectomy or biopsy was performed during a colonoscopy , you may see blood in your stool for a few days.

When Will I Learn The Colonoscopy Results?

colonoscopy procedure is finished, you will be informed by your doctor and will give you a report with photos of the large intestine sections.

polypectomy or biopsy was performed during colonoscopy , the pathology results will be finalized in 2-14 days.

Colonoscopy Prices 2022 How Much?

Colonoscopy prices are calculated according to the number of biopsy and polypectomy performed during the procedure . You can contact the Dr. Özhan Çetindağ clinic to learn about colonoscopy prices .