Losing weight is very difficult for those who have a slow metabolic rate and cannot control themselves about food. Different methods such as gastric balloon and gastric reduction surgery are applied to people who have weight problems at the level of obesity and whose body mass index is over 40, so people who are not overweight cannot benefit from these methods. Stomach Botok is advantageous in that it can be applied to people whose body mass index is above 25, below 40 and who are 10-20 kilos overweight.

What is Stomach Botok?

As everyone knows, Botok is a substance that is generally used for face lifting and wrinkle removal. The effect of the substance on the stomach is in the form of reducing contractions. Normally, the foods that reach the intestines from the stomach within 5-6 hours continue to stay in the stomach for up to 12 hours after Botok . In this way, the patient gets hungry later. At the same time, as a result of suppressing the hormone that increases appetite with Botok , the desire to eat decreases. After stomach Botok, blood sugar follows a balanced course.

During the operation, the patient does not feel any pain or pain as he is under anesthesia. The patient can quickly return to his daily life. Just a few hours ‘ leave is enough. Stomach Botok lasts for about 6 months.

How Is Stomach Botok Made?

Stomach Botok is the injection of the toxin into the stomach wall with the help of endoscopy. It is a 15-minute procedure and does not require hospitalization. Patients can return to their normal lives within 30 minutes .

Before gastric Botok, there is no need for any blood and imaging tests unless required by the physician. Before the procedure is performed, measurement is made with a professional scale and the fat ratios, fluid ratios and metabolic rates of the patients are determined.

stomach Botok , patients should have a fasting of 6-8 hours. After the stomach is evaluated with endoscopy, if there is no obstacle to stomach Botok, Botok is applied to the appropriate parts of the stomach wall.

The duration of the procedure is 15 minutes, and the patients are put to sleep during this time and do not feel any pain. After the gastric Botok procedure, the patients are discharged after being observed for approximately 1 hour and no hospitalization is required.

To Whom Can the Procedure Be Applied?

It can be applied to anyone who is overweight . Stomach Botok is not a surgical intervention. Stomach Botok is not an alternative to bariatric surgery , so its use in morbidly obese patients who are candidates for bariatric surgery will not be beneficial . For this reason, it is a method that can be easily applied in patients

who are not overweight enough to undergo surgery . What are the Side Effects of Stomach Botok?

Botok has many uses in medicine. Stomach Botok is a procedure performed with endoscopy, and no significant side effects have been reported, except for rare cases. It should not be applied to people who are allergic to Botok and have muscle-nerve diseases.

Can I Definitely Lose Weight After Stomach Botok?

When stomach Botok is combined with diet, it is possible to lose 5-20 kilos. While some patients lose more than these weights, less weight loss can be observed in some patients.

Nutrition After Stomach Botok

is not possible to lose weight if a certain diet is not followed in both surgical interventions and stomach Botok application . For this reason, you should create a protein-based nutrition program in the presence of a dietitian or by following the recommendations of your doctor. People whose appetite starts to decrease within 2-3 days after the operation can lose up to 20 kilos within 6 months if they eat regularly. What is the Price of

Stomach Botoku ?

Stomach Botok price is generally reasonable. The experience of the treating physician, the number of Botok ampoules used and the cost of endoscopy are effective in pricing stomach Botok. For the price of stomach Botok Op. Dr. You can contact Özhan Çetindağ clinic. For detailed information about Stomach Botok, you can reach our Whatsapp contact line.


Frequently Asked Questions About Stomach Botok

How Long Does the Effect of Stomach Botok Last?

stomach Botok is 4-6 months and at the end of this period, Botok is completely cleared from the body.

Can I Have Stomach Botok During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

There are not enough data and studies on the effect of stomach Botok in pregnant and lactating mothers . Kiss. Dr. Stomach Botok is not recommended by Özhan Çetindağ to pregnant and lactating mothers . We do not recommend stomach Botok for those who are planning a pregnancy in the near future.

Does Stomach Botok Work? Is Stomach Botok Really Effective?

There are certain criteria for stomach Botok to be successful. First of all , it should be determined by the physician whether the patients are really suitable for stomach Botok . Those who have stomach Botok should fully comply with the diet. We achieve success in 75% of the patients in our series when full compliance with the diet is shown. Another criterion is to determine the points where stomach Botok will be applied on the stomach wall.

How Much Weight Does Stomach Botok Lose in 1 Month?

stomach Botok patients to lose weight between 5-10 kg in 1 month . However , the diet and weight loss goal after stomach Botok should be planned for six months.

How Does Stomach Botok Effect?

Stomach Botok is applied to the exit region of the stomach and the area above the stomach , which we call the fundus . Normally, our stomach empties in 2 – 4 hours , but after gastric Botok application , this period increases up to 6 – 12 hours. The hunger hormones released from the fundus of the stomach decrease after Botok application to this area and a feeling of satiety may occur. When both the delay of gastric emptying and the feeling of satiety are combined with diet, weight loss occurs.

Stomach Botok ?

Stomach Botok does not cause any harm, and some patients may rarely have temporary side effects such as nausea and vomiting.

Stomach Botok ?

stomach Botok , you must be absolutely hungry. You should not do anything that requires attention, such as driving a car, within 24 hours, since you receive a 15-minute anaesthetic. You should not eat or drink anything for 2 hours after the stomach Botok procedure.

Who Cannot Have Stomach Botok ?

Those who have diseases such as gastritis and ulcer should first have these diseases treated and then have stomach Botok . This procedure is not applied to those who are allergic to botulinum toxin in the content of Botok . The age limit for stomach Botok is 18. For people with a body mass index over 40, methods such as gastric balloon and cuffs are preferred. Surgeon General Op. Dr. You can reach your ideal weight with the stomach Botok operation to be performed by Özhan Çetindağ .