As a result of the developments in the medical world, open surgery has been replaced by closed surgical techniques that provide advantages for both the patient and the physician. These methods, also called laparoscopic surgery , are used in almost all types of cancer if certain conditions are met. Colorectal cancer is one of the diseases that can be treated using closed surgical techniques.

Colorectal cancer is a disease of the large intestine. Cancerous cells may appear in the rectum or colon. Even if the polyps in the large intestine are benign in the first stage, they are likely to become cancerous over time. With early diagnosis, polyp removal can be done before cancer appears.

Advantages of Closed Colorectal Cancer Surgery

Closed colorectal cancer surgery should be performed by a physician who knows the anatomical structure of the large intestine very well and is experienced in the field. Since the physician displays the inside of the abdomen in detail, he knows very well where and how to intervene. Since the inner part of the abdomen is inflated by giving carbon dioxide, it is possible to see every point in detail. The incisions made during the surgery are quite small. Therefore, no damage is done to the muscle tissue or any other part.

The recovery process after closed colorectal cancer surgery is much faster than after open surgery. In this way, the patient does not have to take a long break from his daily life. The pain at the incision points is at a low level. When evaluated in terms of the time that the patient should be kept under observation and other advantages, closed colorectal cancer surgery provides benefits in every sense.

In Which Situations Cannot be Performed Closed Colorectal Cancer Surgery?

Although laparoscopic methods are always more advantageous, some situations prevent these methods from being preferred. Open surgery may be required due to the patient’s obesity problem, previous surgical procedures or the patient’s hereditary diseases. In patients who are decided to have closed colorectal cancer surgery, open surgery can also be performed during the operation. The most common cause of this is unstoppable bleeding. Those who experience symptoms of colon cancer or have already been diagnosed, Surgeon General. Kiss. Dr. They can regain their health with Özhan Çetindağ.