Colon cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in developing countries such as Turkey. The large intestine consists of parts called the colon and rectum. The rectum is the area where stool is stored before it is transmitted to the anus. The parts outside the rectum are called the colon. Colon cancer occurs in the colon. As with all types of cancer, it is easier to overcome this disease with early detection.

The disease can reach advanced stages without causing any complaints . The chance of early diagnosis is increased with regular colonoscopy, especially since the risk is higher for those aged 50 and over. Colon cancer symptoms ; It occurs as blood or a slimy liquid in the stool, painful defecation, diarrhea-constipation, swelling or pain in the abdomen.

How is Colon Cancer Surgery Performed? If

colon cancer is detected at an early stage, cancerous polyps can be removed during colonoscopy. Even if they are not cancerous yet, polyps seen during routine colonoscopy procedures are monitored by the physician and removed when necessary, reducing the possibility of cancer formation. One of the methods applied in the early stages is endoscopic mucosal dissection. Thanks to this method, the tissue containing the disease is easily cleaned and there is no need to interfere with other tissues.

Thanks to the developing technology, it makes it possible to perform a closed operation instead of an open colon cancer surgery . In this way, all tissues can be easily removed with smaller incisions and detailed imaging techniques. Closed colon cancer surgery may not be performed for different reasons such as obesity or too much progression of the disease.

Chemotherapy after Colon Cancer Surgery

Chemotherapy is administered before, during or after the surgery as prescribed by the physician. Radiotherapy is also frequently used in the treatment of colon cancer . If there is no spread to the peritoneum in cancerous polyps, chemotherapy can also be performed during surgery. This method is called hot chemotherapy. In this method, drugs are brought to a certain temperature level through medical devices. After the cancerous tissues are cleaned during the surgery, the inside of the abdomen is washed with heated drugs. The aim here is to prevent the proliferation of cancer cells again. For the diagnosis and treatment of colon cancer , General Surgeon Op. Dr. You can contact Özhan Çetindağ.