Goiter and thyroid cancer are diseases that occur as a result of similar processes. Goiter is a disease that means enlargement of the thyroid gland. The disease occurs in two forms , with and without nodules. In a nodular goiter, the thyroid gland grows straight. In the nodule, growth occurs in the nodules in the gland. Cancer risk is low in case of multiple nodule enlargement, but cancer risk should be investigated in single nodule enlargement.

Needle biopsy is done to examine the nodules. As a result of different evaluations such as ultrasound and blood analysis, the most appropriate treatment for the patient is decided. Conditions that require you to be exposed to excessive radiation cause thyroid cancer. Because the disease can progress without symptoms, it may be diagnosed too late in some patients. Most patients apply to the physician with complaints of goiter. Weakness, difficulty in swallowing, irritability, depression may be symptoms of goiter . The most important known cause of goiter is iodine deficiency.

is Goiter and Thyroid Cancer Surgery Performed?

Surgical removal of the thyroid gland may be required in patients with nodular goiter . In addition, radioactive iodine and drug therapy are also applied. Since the thyroid gland of the patient will be removed, thyroid hormone must be supplemented externally. Hormone supplementing drugs should be used by the patient for life after surgery. During thyroid cancer surgery , lymph nodes and glands may also need to be removed, depending on the extent of the disease. The most important risk during surgery is damage to the vocal cords. If the vocal cords are damaged, the patient has speech difficulties after surgery. Thanks to techniques with advanced imaging technology, this risk is significantly reduced. Due to the use of radioactive iodine treatment in both surgeries, the hospital stay may be prolonged. During the measurements, the amount of radioactivity is determined and the patient is discharged when it is at a level that does not prevent the patient from being discharged.

Goiter and Thyroid Cancer Surgery?

The most important detail to be considered after the surgery is not to interrupt the doctor’s controls. Your doctor will inform you about everything you need to pay attention to. Surgeon General Op. Dr. You can get more detailed information about goiter and thyroid cancer surgeries by contacting Özhan Çetindağ.